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I was born in Muncie, Indiana, in 1948.  This was a small town with corn fields around it and a river meandering through.  The river was my continual adventure.  Muncie was a good place to grow-up.

My early years were spent in Indiana, but at about 6 years of age I moved to Southern California and spent all my time at the Ocean.  I returned to Indiana a few years later.

I attended public school from the 4th Grade through High School there.  Soon thereafter I moved to California again, where I lived most of my life, again, back to the Ocean.

I have a brother, Jimmy, and two sisters, Paula and Sheila, and a loving mother, her friends call her "Vi" (Violet), we call her Mom.  I have a son, Dean, and two daughters, Dani and Sonja. Last, but by no means least, the love of my life for the past 30-years, my wife and soulmate, Barbara.

And Bill Morris, a very special and dear friend to my family, and husband to my Mom.

This picture was taken when my Mom and Bill were visiting in 1988, while Barbara and I were working for an Australian firm, Plenty River Mining Company.

My hobbies include fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, underwater diving, the practice of the art of falconry, and of course, outdoor photography.

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1985 - Present   Self Study

Outdoor Photography, Graphics Art, Web Site Design and Marketing, and, Webmaster

  • Photography ( 35mm), Graphics Design, Illustration, Web Design and Development, Web Site Maintenance and Marketing, Image Scanning.  
  • Programs used; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Macromedia’s Freehand Graphics Studio, Kai Power Tools, Bryce 3D, Corel Webmaster Suite, MS FrontPage, Cakewalk Pro, etc.

1985 - 1985   Parks College Alb., New Mexico


G6 Certifications (AWS/AMSE)

  • Certified in all Welding positions using TIG, MIG, Arc, and Oxy-acetylene Welding on Steel, Stainless and Aluminum, also Plasma Arc and Oxy-acetylene Cutting.

1976 - 1976   Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving Oakland, Cal.


Certified Deep Sea Diver

  • Certified as working deep sea diver, depths in excess of 200 feet.  Specialties including surveying, pneumatics, hydraulics, and underwater welding and cutting.

1971 - 1975   North American School of Conservation Scranton, PA.


Wildlife and Forestry Conservation/Business Management

  • Certified courses in the management of wildlife and the habitat.  Studies included water and soil monitoring, and the effects of civilization upon the ecosystems.

1968 - 1968   Westinghouse Blueprint Reading Muncie, Ind.


Advanced Blueprint Reading and Layout

  • Constructed blueprints for structural design layouts in reference to Mega-Power Transformers.

1967 - 1968   Manpower Combination Welding/Blueprint Muncie, Ind.


Advanced Welding Technique and Blueprint Reading, Certificate

  • Advanced welding techniques in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, combined with Oxy-acetylene cutting, brazing and soldering.  Blueprint reading and layout studied and applied.

1965-1967   United States Navy, Honorable Discharge

Boiler Tender/Maintenance/Fireman

  • Served on Aircraft Carriers;

USS Independence CVA-62                        

USS Forrestal CVA-59

1963-1965   Southside High School Muncie, Ind.

GED 1974

  • Studies in the areas of Algebra, Civics, Social Science, Geometry, English, Geography, Zoology and Botany, etc.

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